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We are a family-operated sheep Ranch. Together we raise a commercial flock of ewes along with a few other animals. We are located in West Central Saskatchewan, Canada.

We believe in a Stewardship approach to Ranching. Our goals are to operate in a way that promotes healthy land and happy animals. Sustainability and Ranching need to go hand in hand. Since we make our living from the land we need to care for it. Find more stewardship information here

Our Sheep

On our Ranch we mainly raise a commercial flock of sheep. As a grass-based operation we enjoy watching our sheep graze on our hills during the summer months. Since sheep are smaller and relatively docile they make a great animal around children. We especially enjoy this asset when we work with the livestock, younger ones are able to help move the animals and even work near the sorting chute. Currently our breeds include Suffolk, Clun Forest, Rideau and Canadian Arcott. The Suffolk breed is known for its growth and exceptional meat carcass which makes them ideal for market lambs. However, they have a larger frame and since we grow out our lambs mostly on grass, they need to be balanced out with a different breed. This is where the Clun Forest breed comes in; the lambs are smart, fast and great foragers on grass. Combined with the Suffolk it makes a perfect combination for a market lamb. Also the Cluns have a smaller frame, making lambing easier. On a separate branch of the breeds are the Rideau and Canadian Arcott breeds. The Rideau Arcotts are heavy milkers and produce a higher percentage of lambs. The Canadian Arcotts are a good addition for market lambs.

Guardian Dog

Livestock Guardian Dogs

When raising livestock, protection against predators is a fact of life. Raising sheep is no exception; Livestock Guardian Dogs are wonderful answer to these problems. Currently we have 6 guardian dogs that go out with the sheep in pasture. Our current leader of the pack is Kacie; she was born and raised here so she knows anything and everything! Her working partner is Diesel, a Great Pyranees who thinks growing lots of hair makes him better guard dog. Stella and Stanley are a mother and son team. Stella has earned the nick-name of "Laughing dog" due to her cheerful expression all the time, we are positive she must be laughing. To cheer up the team are Marcus and Mia, a brother and sister duo. Marcus is a white giant but is a real softie on the inside. The newest to the pack is Brava, Mia's daughter who is in training. Last but no least is Wynn, a young Border-Collie, we wouldn't be able to move the sheep without her!









Chickens & Turkeys

We would be remiss if we failed to mention the chickens. Besides raising some for fried chicken (don't tell them that), we have our little flock of layers. They faithfully supply us with daily eggs and entertainment. Currently we are transitioning into more traditional breeds of hens. We have been enjoying their pretty colors and character! Every year or so we raise a few turkeys, their shining moment is when they grace the Thanksgiving table.

Everything Else

Besides the sheep you will find a few other critters roaming in and around our Ranch. With the sheep you will notice Olive, the llama who believes the world is at her feet. In the yard roam our two darling little pot-belie pigs: Beulah and Eulalie. If you approach them with food they are your instant friends. On the beef side of things we have a couple brood cows who provide us with 'beef calves' every year. That about wraps it all up, the domestic animals that is.

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About Us

We are ordinary people who love living in the country, I guess you could say we live the simple life, we work, we laugh and spend time together. Mom and Dad have been sweetly married since 1985 and are the happy parents of 15 kids. As a family we have chosen to Homeschool; education, life and ranching all work hand in hand around here. We have greatly enjoyed our homeschooling journey of over 20 years and are looking forward to the next 20! When we are not Ranching or doing school we enjoy playing music as a family. Currently the instrument line-up includes violins, guitars, piano, mandolins, harp and the new addition of a cello. We are not professional by any means, but we enjoy making music together! Each season of the year brings its own excitement and challenges. Whether it includes lambing, harvest or school we have no regrets and wouldn't trade this life for the world!.

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Our Location:

We are located in West Central Saskatchewan, about 13 miles from the town of Kindersley

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